Pet Mall =.= !!!!

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Pet Mall =.= !!!!

Post  gheLmar on Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:19 pm

Why there were no Polliwog Tail on Pet NPC ?


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Re: Pet Mall =.= !!!!

Post  Sasuke on Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:16 am

idk why too. but i know where you can get them. go to icicle. and set sail there. (if you don't know where to build a ship and where is the harbor, then here:

Icicle Builder-George @ 1221, 628
Harbor Operator-Silion @ 1214, 681)

then go and set sail. this is the mob that drop polliwog tail:

Blood Polliwog (level 34) @ 1355, 2055

you might need to go create a voyager. so it's easier for you to get 10 polliwog tails fast Very Happy Very Happy

Hope I helped even if this is all I can do. Smile Smile lol!

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Re: Pet Mall =.= !!!!

Post  [GM]Resurrection on Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:07 am

Ya i had been already warned about that but forgot to add it.
I will try to remember to do it on the next maint.

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Re: Pet Mall =.= !!!!

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