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Post  CrazyPedro on Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:39 pm


Since there was too many bugs and people used it for their own good instead of reporting it, I will close server to delete all the things that should be deleted and fix bugs...

You will need to do new accounts when i open server and i will check everything that is wrong.

Most of the things that are going to be deleted/modified are:
- Extra Stats From Lots (like 200 dodge and stuff)
- Spring Rolls from Spring NPC
- More Kal Runestones for 65 Unseal
- Etc.

I will work on server tomorrow, and if everything is ok i will re-open server tomorrow.

If it has lag let it have... If players don't like, they're welcome to leave.. lol

You can go to hell FU i didnt waste my damn time just so it can restart the very next day man seriously wtf

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