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Post  [GM]Resurrection on Mon Dec 28, 2009 7:08 pm

Hoster/[Gm]Resurrection wrote:This server will be hosted in a computer with this specs:
4GB + 2GB Extra RAM
300GB HD
Pentium Dual Core 2.00GHz

Server Rates will be:
15 x Solo-Exp
30 x Party-Exp
15 x Drop-Rate
300 x Fairy-Growth
200 x Ship-Exp

Server will have all these following maps working:

Main cities - Argent, Shaitan, Icicle
Mazes - Forsaken City; Dark Swamp; Mini Sacred War; Bounty PK; Sacred War; Glacier; Demonic World; Chaos Argent; Chaos Icicle (other mazes are under planning\construction)

I will maintain this server openned 24/7, except when i need to do a maintenance or there is a problem with light/internet.

About staff, there isn't much to say since I'll be the only GM in here.

I hope every1 enjoy my server when it opens cheers
Till then, Cheers king

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