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Post  [GM]Resurrection on Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:57 am

Forsaken City - No Modifications. Entry/Portal is at South of Shaitan Harbor [ you will see some sparkles instead of a portal ]

Dark Swamp - Entry/Portal is at South of Shaitan Harbor [ you will see some sparkles instead of a portal ]. Besides that, no Modifications But Farm Mud and Mud Chunk (You will need it for lv60 rings and necklace)

Bounty Hunter:
- Only Players Below Level 64 Can Enter
- Entry in Lower Icicle 1338,583

Chaos Argent:
Requirements to enter and map hasn't any modifications
But chest and monster drops are modified:
Novice Chest - All normal gems (lustrious, fiery, glowing, ... )
Standard Chest - All unique gems (rage, soul, colo,... ) - Remember this gives +5 Stats
Expert Chest - All great unique gems (great gem of rage, great gem of wind, ... ) - This gives +6 stats
Black Dragon Mobs - Black Dragon Gems, Azrael Gems(+8stats)

Glacier Armagedon - Portal at 1293,481

Demonic World:
B1 and B2 drop all unique gems (not all in B1 and all in B2 again, B1 drop certain unique gems and B2 drop certain unique gems)

Winter Island - Not maze of course, but only to warn that is there and there is no modification
Aurora1 and Dark1 isn't modified
But Fury Kara(Aurora2) has the drops modified: black dragon altar, Arthur Faith (hat level 75 +3 all stats ), heart of black dragon, eye of black dragon, soul of black dragon, happy holiday magazine, million dollar note and angelic dice
[ Added Refining Gem and Million Dollar Note on Aurora\Dark Chests ]

FC/DS/DW - 3/6/9/12 GMT+0
CA/GA - 1/4/7/10
BH - 2 in 2 hour ( didn't checked the schedule lol )

[ Like the other guides / list, let me know if something is missing, i will update it as fast as i can ]

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