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Post  KillerDeluxe on Sun Feb 07, 2010 3:15 pm

GM as u should know people think the server is becaming boring as myself... players just play to CA-->DW-->Gem Ekips-->Afk
theres nothing more to do. i think u should add few more npcs to the server, like more pots as the spring rolls u take, but if u put them put with a litle high price... i think players should play to have fun, explore, socialize and much more!
i suggest:

Add: Few more Pots, Wines, Reality Mask etc...
Add the Tauros and Gemini aries
Add 2nd RB ---> If u Can...
Less time in Bosses Respawn
Add Gem Trade --> like alerady was sad a Npc that allow get gems withouth be CA the only way...
A Npc of Kals like X number of some item for 1Kal...

I know its asking a litle too much but litle things do a nice environment in the server...ty for understand


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