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[ Server Wipe ] Information of the changes Empty [ Server Wipe ] Information of the changes

Post  [GM]Resurrection on Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:09 pm


Changed price of gem, so you can sell it to npc and earn a nice amount of money
Career/Fortune Lot not available in Spring NPC already; Available in fortune tree but only to sell it to npc for 10.000 Gold - Nothing will happen if you double click it
Only steam bun available in Spring Pot NPC
Portal to DS and FC changed to 843.3737(DS), 852.3737(FC), both in shaitan sea near harbor.
NPC at fortune have trade page so you can sell the items you get

Fixed some glitches/bugs:
- Shield 85 couldn't be exchanged in npc (had pages missing)
- Prices of some marry items in pet shop were by 105g, changed it to 50k
- Xmas cap couldn't be tradable, banked, repaired, etc. Already changed that
- Lv60 Ring NPC (was taking more items than should)

I think that's all.
Have fun.

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